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The Great Race 6.23 & 6.24

Have you heard…St. Augustine will be the starting location for The Great Race 2023 which starts on June 24 in St. Augustine and ends in Colorado on July 2nd!!

And to make things even cooler we’ll be hosting The Great Race Practice Rally, right here at CCM on JUNE 23rd! So mark you calendars for these dates:

👉Friday, June 23: the Great Race Practice Rally kicks off at Classic Car Museum 12-3pm! The first car is slated to arrive at 11:55am with 119 more to follow in 1 minute intervals ending at 3pm. The cars will park at the museum and visitors are invited to walk around and view them.

➡️Food trucks will be on hand for those who wish to purchase lunch.

➡️Outdoor Event Free to spectators with general admission to museum : $15 +tax/per adult, kids under 12yrs are free!

➡️Event Hall will be open for seating those who wish to purchase lunch.

👉Saturday, June 24: at Francis Field, the race cars will be on display from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

What is the Great Race? Here's a condensed version…The Great Race is one of the most competitive automotive activities out there. It’s a controlled-speed competitive endurance rally for vehicles that were built before 1975. The actual competition demands skilled driving and navigating, and the ability to keep their vehicle in top condition while traveling hundreds of miles a day for over a week. Check out our event page for all the details: HERE

or call with any questions! 904.806.4625

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