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SUMMER VOLKSFEST is BACK! We’re exactly one month out -- mark your calendars for June 18th, here at CCM.

Show entry will include 1 admission into the museum as well as a dash plaque & sticker. We will be parking all VWs together and you don't have to register for the show to be judged if you don't want to. If you plan to bring parts to sell, we will have a section for you as well. You will just pay when you arrive.

Don't miss out on getting an event shirt! If you pre-order a shirt, we will have them ready to pickup the day of. Can't attend? No problem, you can order and get it shipped to you. Check out the link below for event info and store.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

• Hours 10-3

• Location: Car Museum of St. Augustine

• Show Entry $20 (includes 1 museum entry)

• Swap Meet /Vendor $20

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